Need to take the Lead Paint Refresher training? 

You can do it online – in just 4 hours!

Lead Renovators Certification Refresher Course Online

Online RRP Refresher classes will make your certification valid for the next 3 years. You can take an online RRP Refresher course every other renewal period so your next refresher class must be taken in person. All classes taken in person are valid for 5 years.

If you conduct work on any job in any of the following states, you CANNOT take the online version of this course – training must be done IN-PERSON: AL, DE, GA, IA, KS, MA, MS, NC, OK, RI, UT, or WI.

Refresher training must be completed prior to your expiration date. Students MUST provide a copy of a valid initial training certificate or card to participate in the refresher training.

If you’ve misplaced your certificate and took the Initial RRP Lead Paint class with BWI Lead Safety, you can order a replacement certificate here.

If your certificate has already expired, or if you have not attended the 8 hour initial course, please register for the Initial RRP Lead Paint Class held in Maryland.